What is the Circle of Cultures?

Circle of Cultures highlights the cordial welcome that Lewis & Clark received from the earthlodge peoples of the Upper Missouri. A "Time of Renewal and Exchange", it will renew the bonds of friendship and cooperation forged during the winter of 1804-05 between the United States and the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara nations.Lewis and Clark hoped when they arrived in what is now North Dakota that they would find information and the legendary hospitality of the Missouri River Indians. They did, and at Circle of Cultures, the National Lewis and Clark Signature Event today's visitors will experience that same hospitality. Visitors will taste what Lewis and Clark tasted, see what they saw, and hear what they heard. The whole concept of the event is to showcase the ancient peoples of North Dakota and the thriving centuries-old trading "Mecca" they operated on the Northern Plains.

Join us to experience the high-tech " Virtual Village" of the Mandan Indians at its unveiling. Enter replica Mandan Indian village earthlodges with Native American interpretation and demonstrations accenting the living history. Enjoy re-enactors and scholars including James Ronda, Clay Jenkinson, Tom Theissen, Dayton Duncan, Ray Wood, Amy Mossett and more.

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